We are trying to create a welcoming, inviting environment, where guests could benefit of our knowledge and 17 years of  travel experience. Relax & chill in our lounge with sofas and chairs and library to meet new friends and fellow travelers.

Sai, certified tour guide and traveler from Chiang Mai and Jeab our trusted and manager and staff would like to welcome you and wish you happy days.
Doze..Dine..and Discover..DiVa

P.S DiVa was opened by Sai and Steffen, a former world traveler from Switzerland, in 2010, after founding Julie Guesthouse at the end of 1999 and successfully leading it for almost 10 years and becoming “Lonely Planet”s top backpacker choice in 2007. Steffen is sometimes still to be found at DiVa and enjoying a “divalicious” meal and chatting with some old buddies.