King Mengrai founded the city 1296 AD and Chiang Mai became the capital of the Lanna Kingdom. The city was surrounded by the moat and defensive walls, since nearby Myanmar was a constant threat. >> Get more details!

Jungle Trekking, Elephant Treks

The surrounding hills, mountains and valleys of Chiang Mai are a paradise for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts. >> Get more details!

Local Markets

Chiang Mai is an unbeatable paradise for shoppers. The famous night market, the Warorot day market or some local food markets are definitely worth a visit. >> Get more details!

Sightseeing Tours

Northern Thailand is a paradise for nature lovers and offers many interesting sights and tours. Let us know your needs and we would like to recommend you a custom-tailored discovery trip to get closer to culture and nature.. >> Get more details!


Many impressive and colorful festivals are held throughout the year at temples or within the city.
Please be aware that around that time the guest rooms in Chiang Mai are filling up quickly, so better to book rooms well in advance. >> Get more details!

Thai Cooking Courses

As with any cuisine of any country, Thai food is a labor of love; dishes that we cook for our loved ones are flavored with not only classic Thai ingredients such as basil, garlic, fish sauce and of course chillies, but to us, care and passion are also part of the “flavor”. >> Get more details!

Massage Course

There are plenty of good and reliable massage schools, offering 1 – 30 days courses, for beginners and advanced levels alike. Also many massage shops will offer a very good service for a small budget. Try our Saija-Massage just opposite of Diva Guesthouse. Or pamper yourself at a Lanna-Style SPA and get an extraordinary feeling of well-being!
>> Get more details!

Traditional Dance

Dance performances or Kantoke dinners at the Old Cultural Center are one of the ways to see this gracious performers. >> Get more details!

Elephant Training

This fascinating outdoor experience brings you closer to this mighty mammals. You will learn a lot about their behaviour, needs and feelings! It is a full day experience, washing, bathing the elephants in water-pools and feeding them as well. >> Get more details!


Coming Soon… >> Get more details!